Unique Street Reference Number 7600164

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Unique Street Reference Number 7600164 is, according to our data sources, most likely to be an unnamed road.

Note: a USRN is an operational identifier and is unique to a highway authority. Where a road crosses a highway authority boundary, therefore, it will have different USRNs in different authorities, even if it has the same name and number.

Roads operated by national highway authorities (eg, Highways England) will also have separate USRNs for the road as a whole and for each subsection within each local highway authority that it crosses.

Unfortunately, there is no Open Data source which links all known USRNs to street names and numbers. The names and numbers, if any, shown here are, therefore, derived by cross-referencing the Open USRN database with other Open Data sources such as OS OpenMap Local, OS OpenNames and Open Streetmap. This is not 100% reliable, and doesn't work at all for some USRNs. So the data shown here may not necessarily be correct. See Limitations of the Data for more detail on this.

UPRNs associated with USRN 7600164

All the UPRNs which are associated with this road are shown. This does not necessarily mean that they have a postal address on this road. The USRN associated with a UPRN is, typically, the nearest significant public highway that the property is accessed from. Postal addresses may use a different street name.

It's important to bear in mind that UPRNs can overlap or stack. For example, a building containing multiple addressable units on different floors, such as a block of flats or a shop with a flat above it, will have a UPRN for each distinct unit. And an open air space, such as a park or square, can also have distinct addressable objects within it such as a kiosk or a structure. Given the limitations of a 2D map, you can't necessarily tell which of several overlapping or adjacent UPRNs is assigned to a specific item on the map.

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