UPRN 124112457

A unique property reference number in Errol, Perth and Kinross

Location Map

Unique Property Reference Number 124112457 is assigned to a property in Errol, Perth and Kinross.

The marker on the map shows the location of this UPRN. Note that UPRNs can stack or overlap, so the map does not necessarily show precisely which property it is assigned to. See Limitations of the Data for more detail on this.


Latitude: 56.4057725 / 56°24'20"N

Longitude: -3.1888335 / 3°11'19"W

OS Eastings: 326732.38

OS Northings: 724360.61

OS Grid: NO267243

Location Encoding

Mapcode National: GBR 28.09KG

Mapcode Global: WH6QG.Z8N3

Plus Code: 9C8RCR46+8F

Maidenhead Locator System: IO86jj77

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Data Associations

USRN (street): 30007724

Nearest Postcode: PH2 7TB

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