UPRN 10093189473

A unique property reference number in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire

Location Map

Unique Property Reference Number 10093189473 is assigned to a property in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire.

The marker on the map shows the location of this UPRN. Note that UPRNs can stack or overlap, so the map does not necessarily show precisely which property it is assigned to. See Limitations of the Data for more detail on this.


Latitude: 51.8115995 / 51°48'41"N

Longitude: -0.2821963 / 0°16'55"W

OS Eastings: 518517

OS Northings: 213946

OS Grid: TL185139

Location Encoding

Mapcode National: GBR H7M.7H9

Mapcode Global: VHGPC.2Q5L

Plus Code: 9C3XRP69+J4

Maidenhead Locator System: IO91ut64

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Data Associations

USRN (street): 37315327

Nearest Postcode: AL4 8NJ

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